is it safe to sleep near a wireless router?

In today’s world, cables are highly shunned upon for any given appliance. Not only do cables make equipment installation unnecessarily laborious, but they also leave the general aesthetic of the environment unappealing. This has left manufacturers to have a general migration towards wireless technology. It also implies relying on electromagnetic waves such as infrared, Bluetooth and radio frequencies. However, some of these technologies are known to be adverse to health. As technology slowly edges its way into our bedrooms, we have to wonder. Is it safe to sleep near a wireless router? Below is a list of some of the risks associated with wireless technologies.

1. Reduced brain activity

New research on people exposed to 4G radiation suggests that there is a decreased amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF) as well as fractional ALFF (fALFF) in parts of the brain after only 30 minutes of exposure. This was after MRI test were conducted in the test candidates.

2. Sperm neutralization

Researchers have also raised concern over exposure to Wi-Fi Internet access devices for reproductive individuals. Tests conducted showed there were effects on the integrity of sperm cells. This could as well lead to infertility with frequent exposure.

3. Contribution to insomnia

Having a wireless router in sleeping areas can contribute to insomnia. I can attest to having slept better since doing away with my networking equipment from the bedroom. There is a lot of radiation that occurs near and around your equipment, exposing your brain to extremely low-frequency (ELF) pulse modulation. ELF has been found to interfere with normal sleep patterns.

is it safe to sleep near a wireless router
is it safe to sleep near a wireless router?

4. Affects childhood development

Subjecting an embryo to non-thermal radio-frequency radiation (RFR) during the initial stages of growth has also been blamed for interfering with gene expression. This is more so during early gestation periods. To avoid exposing newborns to any risks brought about by wireless technology, it is therefore recommended that expectant mothers sleep in Wi-Fi free areas.

Growing children too are vulnerable. Though studies have just begun, they are indicating neurobehavioural impairments in school going children after long exposure to a Wi-Fi environment.

5. Affects fertility

In women, studies conducted in India suggest that there is a likelihood of implantation failure when exposed to wireless radiation. Also, there are chances that the embryo becomes deformed should implantation continue. Though carried out on smaller mammals, the test showed results in less than 2 months after daily exposure of only 2 hours a day. The for of radiation emitted by wireless devices also seems to promote Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which in turn results in oxidative stress. This has been a known cause of DNA breakage. For these reasons, expectant mothers are advised to minimize radio frequency and microwaves radiated by routers and everyday gadgets by distancing themselves from these types of equipment.

6. Increased heart rate

With only 30-36% of subjects to exposed to a cordless phone showing little to no change in heart rate, there is a need for concern. The test implies that a majority of us are likely to experience a change in heart rate when under an environment with wireless signals. A faster heart rate leads to fatigue and light-headedness in extreme cases. When exposed to a wireless router’s radiation, it is likely that one wakes up feeling tired even before the day starts. Considering that today’s workplace has a wireless network as a bear minimum, then an average person is exposed to radiation for longer periods than necessary creating a tired workforce.

7. Gender-related alteration in regards to an EEG

Conducted by Maganioti A. E, a test showed that female brain activity is altered by wireless waves. Test subjects were exposed to a 2.4GHz wireless access point. Noticeably, female subjects showed reduced energy levels as well as brain activity.


With the ease of device integration, the mobility of equipment and expandability of our networks, brought about by wireless interconnections comes great sacrifice. With constant exposure to wireless energies, tests have shown that there are health risks associated with this convenience.

It is therefore advocated to switch off your wireless network equipment whilst you sleep, limiting exposure. Not only can you sleep better without the constant disruptions of incoming emails, but you also lessen harmful effects to your body. Also, when possible, go for wired instead of wireless technologies. Environmental aesthetics is a small price to pay compared to your life.

Common sense, however, dictates that if possible, leave all your gadgets or wireless networking devices completely out of the sleeping quarters. And if you are going to purchase a wireless router, take a look at this list of best wireless routers under 100 dollars and pick one that is compatible with custom firmware. Why? It is because with custom firmware you can tweak transmit power, you can lower Wi-Fi signal strength.

is it safe to sleep near a wireless router? I am sure that you have got your own answer.

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