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Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-PRO review: Latest 802.11ac, 3×3 MIMO technology

UAP-AC-PRO review
UAP-AC-PRO review

Are you tired of the long-standing consumer Wi-Fi? Well, you have bounced on the right page. In this UAP-AC-PRO review article, you are going to learn why the Ubiquiti UniFi Dual-Radio Pro (or UAP-AC-PRO) takes the enterprise solutions by a storm.

As you may know, Ubiquiti UniFi system refers to the latest and affordable wireless networking solution that eases the deployment and maintenance of a high quality and scalable wireless network.

Ubiquiti is gaining popularity not only for quality production but also for affordable products as compared to the previous renowned brands.

Ubiquiti Unifi access points is an ideal choice for business and home owners disgruntled with expensive consumer Wi-Fi routers that rarely works.

It beats a majority of wireless access points out there in many aspects. Keep reading this UAP-AC-PRO review article to find why this access point is the darling of professional network experts.


1. Design

UAP-AC-PRO is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It utilizes an innovative and unique saucer type design which makes it easy to set up.

As far as size is concerned, the unit is small with compact dimensions (196.7mm diameter and 35 mm thickness). The advantage of this design is that this network solution can be employed single or in a series of many units that communicates to each other.

There are two simultaneous radios (2.4GHz and 5 GHz) inside the device and each of this radio is connected to a 3×3 MIMO antenna setup. Unlike other network access points, the Ubiquiti integrates the latest Wi-Fi technology known as multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology.

The good thing with this technology is that it helps your wireless network controller deliver a high speed up to 450 Mbps on the 2.5GHz and up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band.  That is not all because this technology also ensures that the network covers a wide area up to 400 feet.

On top of this, there is a ring fitted at the top of the unit that glows thus serving as a status LED. At the bottom, it also comes with a removable wall-mount plate so you can easily fix it on the wall for convenience.

That is not all, there are also 2 Gigabit LAN ports at the bottom of the unit, with one serving as the main port for data and power.

The second port serves as an unpowered bridge port for other devices. If you would like to attach the PA system, there is a USB port at the center.

2. Performance

Although the Ubiquiti AP’s are not the fastest, this device is designed to perform incredibly well thanks to the integrated and innovative UniFi controller that optimizes RF performance.

It is proven to be 5 times faster than other wireless network access points. What is more about this device is the fact that the UniFi Controller V4 software is powerful enough and features an expandable unlimited scalability.

This means you can access the UniFi controller and upgrade the deployed UniFi access points to meet the demands this makes the device ideal for homeowners and large business owners.

As far as usability is concerned, the Ubiquiti wireless network solution is user-friendly. This network solution features an intuitive and easy to learn user interface which helps you to install, configure and also manage all the UNiFi access points in your premise effortlessly.

3. Scalability

If you are looking for a scalable access point solution. You might find the Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point a game changer. It is among the best access points when it comes to scalability.

You can deploy as many wireless networks as your needs. You can start with a single network and expand from there to unlimited networks while maintaining a single unified management system.

For efficiency, a UniFi enterprise Wi-Fi system is engineered into this solution for easy deployment and management.

4. Installation

The major concerns to profession network solutions when it comes to wireless access points is about installation. In addition to the mountable plate that allows for easy installation, the UniFi Enterprise Wi-Fi system also features a UniFi controller software that is easily accessible through any standard web browser.

Interestingly, this software installs easily on any window, Mac or Linux PC so no matter the model of your computer it still operates. Additionally, it also runs very well both on a private cloud and public cloud service.

Unlike other wireless access points, you can easily configure your enterprise Wi-Fi network using the Unifi controller software and administer it without any hassle.

You don’t require any special training to configure it. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need additional software license or subscription to use the UniFi controller, this saves your money.

5. Features

  • 3×3 MIMO technology antennas
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN and Bridge respectively)
  • Simultaneous Dual bands (2.4GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Redesigned Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology with included adapter
  • Redesigned UniFi controller
  • Scalable enterprise Wi-Fi management

Pros and Cons
  • Small compact design
  • Mountable Wall for strategic location
  • High-performance antennas
  • High-performance wireless networks
  • Weatherproof design
  • Super-fast speed
  • Wide coverage
  • Reliable and highly configurable
  • Save time and money
  • Doesn’t require controller
  • Versatile and can be used as LED indicator

  • Must be tech savvy to operate


All things considered, the Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO is a great product and one of the best option in wireless access points design. This unit features a stylish design.

On top of this, UAP-AC-PRO is reliable, easy to install, powerful and fast. And with all the great features of this access point, it will go beyond what most professional networking experts are looking.

This Ubiquiti access point is competitively priced under $200 which makes it affordable to homeowners and small business owners. While this price might be too high for some, always remember that the price is compensated by its great performance.

The only concern is that it is designed for advanced users. This means that you need to be tech-savvy to use it. But if you are looking for enterprise level deployments you can set it up within seconds.

All in all, UAP-AC-PRO is among the top picks for functionality and performance. For this reason, it is a highly recommended option. Hit the purchase button today and forget about slow network speed and low connectivity. We do hope that this UAP-AC-PRO REVIEW article has informed your decision.

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  • Design9.0
  • Performance9.3
  • Scalability9.5
  • Installation8.0
  • Features9.0

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