How to get free airport Wi-Fi? The ultimate guide

get free airport Wi-Fi

Ever really needed the WiFi at an airport because you just have to post that Instagram thing? Well, I’ve got you covered!

Here are some things I assume you know: How to generally operate your device. How to go to settings.

Now that we have that settled, let’s continue to get free airport Wi-Fi!

Method 1: Assuming your airport has free Wi-Fi

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and click on an open network. Try to click those which resembles an airport network like “Tokyo International Airport” or “Tokyo Free Wifi”.
  2. Click the network, and you should be connected to it. If something pops up, don’t be alarmed, the airport probably wants you to key in your phone number and particulars before you get your wifi.

Some problems you may have:

  • If you cannot connect to the wifi, try to turn your wifi off and on. It should work. If it doesn’t try forgetting the network and join it again. If that doesn’t work, tough luck my friend. The network might have too many people in it and you can’t connect. Wait a few minutes and hopefully, you can connect to it.
  • If you feel insecure and do not want to give your phone number out, get a fake email address first (You will need an email to use the fake phone number for SMS):

– Try FakeMailGenerator, MailCatch or Mailinator to get a valid email.

– Then try these fake number websites which let you receive SMS:

+ (Does not need registration/ Free)

+ (You need to pay. Plans start from $12/ Secure and safe)

+ (Does not need registration/Free)

Method 2: Get free airport Wi-Fi from paid service (or from private Wi-Fi)

Method 2 isn’t really a method, but more like a few options, you can try.

1. Foursquare tips

You should already have Foursquare when you know you are going traveling and it serves a great purpose in airports. If you look for the tips for the airport you are at, you should be able to find the wifi password for the airport you’re at. Otherwise, press the wifi filter to find it.

2. Use the Airport Wi-Fi map

Try this crowdsourced project showing passwords for airports around the world.

You can find the original post here

3. Complain

If your flight is delayed, call the customer service and tell them that your flight was delayed and you’re pretty pissed off, and some wifi might make you a happy customer again.

4. The // thing

Add // behind your site name, like and if your airport has not patched this glitch yet, you should be able to get in.

5. Get close to some VIP or frequent flyer lounge

Some lounges in airports have their own wifi and if you get close, you could connect to it. It helps if you call the counter and ask for the password. You just need to make a believable lie and you might be able to get that Instagram posts out.

6. Restaurants

If you really really need that Wi-Fi, go to Starbucks or some restaurant, look for something that says there is wifi there, order something cheap, and you get to sit there for hours with wifi! (Some restaurants now have this method which requires you to key in a code which can only be found on the receipt).

If you insist on finding a free airport Wi-Fi, try this Wi-Fi map app. It will help you not only in an airport but almost everywhere in the world.

I hope you found this article helpful and wish you luck in getting that Wi-Fi connection!

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