How to extend wifi range for using outside

Due to the extensive use of WiFi enabled devices, the need for extending the range of WiFi signal outside the home gained a lot of importance. If you read this article, I guess you are having trouble relating to wifi signal at your backyard or somewhere outside near your house. After reading this article, you will know how to extend wifi range outside.

Usually, Wi-Fi routers operating in 2.4 GHz can reach up to 46 meters indoor and 92 meters outdoor. Obstructions in the path might reduce the range by 25 percent, especially the green trees. That’s why your wifi signal is very weak outside. If so, do you know how to extend wifi range outside to the utmost?. Below are some of the ways you should consider.

1. Install an extra outdoor access point.

Howto extend wifi range outside with an outdoor access point
Outdoor access point hanging on electric column

For most case, this is the first and most effective method. Outdoor access points often have a stronger wifi signal. Just purchase one, place it on the tree or somewhere, then connect it to your router with a cable. Do some simple configuration and enjoy the Wifi connection almost everywhere

2. Install a Wifi Repeater or Wireless Repeater

WiFi repeater also known as WiFi extender is the simple hardware device which acts as wireless network expander. It takes an existing signal from a wireless router or wireless access point and rebroadcasts it to create a second network. Repeaters are generally available at local computer stores or you can purchase online. The only drawback of using repeater is that it reduces the bandwidth of the router to half of its original bandwidth.

With a Wifi repeater, you just place it at the rear of your house and do some configuration stuff and boom!  Your backyard will be full of wifi signal.

3. Replacing the antenna

Unscrewing and replacing the existing antenna in the router with a higher gain antenna will help you in extending wifi range outside. Not many routers support this function of replacing the antenna.

4. Raising the transmitting power in the router settings

WiFi range can be extended by increasing the transmitting power in the configuration page. Please read WiFi routers documentation for constructions. There will be overheating problem in some cases which have to be addressed, otherwise, it can damage WiFi router.

In some router, you cannot increase the transmit power. Hence, before purchasing a wireless router, I recommend to pick one that support custom firmware. In this website we publish a list of best wireless router under 100 dollars, I am sure you can pick the right one after reading that post.

5. Changing router placement

If your wireless router were placed at the wrong location, you should consider this method and keep in mind that:

  • Routers must be placed away from metal objects.
  • Cordless phones and microwave ovens operating at the same frequencies, so they must be kept at a far distance.
  • Routers must be strategically placed to cover the maximum range. Usually, it should be placed at the center of the area.

6. Other considerations

Apart from these, frequently updating the router firmware, changing channels on routers so that it will not interfere with other Wi-Fi routers the in same area would prove beneficial.


This article will not discuss in details for you about how to extend wifi range outside, but at least you can grab some information before action. In the future, I will dig more detail for each method. Keep staying tuned!

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