How to protect yourself from Laptop Radiation

Introduction about Laptop radiation

While laptops, computers, and other technologies, in general, has made our lives much easier, there are also some harmful side effects to the prolonged use of such products. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) surround us every minute of every day and through Wi-Fi signals, cell phones, and laptops. Lessening our exposure to such radiation may not be possible for everyone, but some products such as shields can help reduce the electrical and magnetic field emissions. Let’s find out how to protect yourself from Laptop Radiation

How can you protect yourself from laptop radiation?

Long-term exposure to laptop radiation is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by those who are in the habit of using laptops for hours at a time on a consistent basis. Some products you can purchase for protection from the radiation emitted by laptops are:

1. Screen Shield by LessEMF

LessEMF has manufactured a monitor shield that reduces almost 100% of the electrical field exposure for most desktops and laptops. All you have to do is place it in front of the screen and the protection begins! For more information, visit this site or view the above video to see how it works.

2. Belly Blanket and Nursing Cover

Expecting and current mothers can purchase this lightweight cotton blanket that is equipped with RadiaShield fabric. Although a bit pricey (ranging from $49 to $109, it is 99.9% effective and can also be used to protect children from laptop radiation (

3. HARApad Elite 2.0 Computer Pad

For those who like to put their laptops on their laps while working or playing, here is some good news. While it is not advisable to put it on your lap, HARApad dissipates heat and electrical fields away from your body and is 99% effective ( For a video tutorial go to this video

4. Zercom EMF Absorber by Zeropa

This Korean shielding device is a small oval shaped device that can either be attached or simply placed next to the laptop. At just $20, it absorbs and reduces electrical and magnetic fields generated by laptops and other devices. The absorber has great online reviews and test results are very impressive.

5. DefenderPad

This is another lap shield that virtually eliminates electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from laptops and other electronic devices. Easy to use with absolutely no complicated requirements for setting up, this shield not only protects you from laptop radiation but also from dangerous heat.

While some of these devices are on the expensive side, you can easily follow some tips and tricks to know how to protect yourself from Laptop Radiation. Here are some of them:

  • Try to use your laptop in battery mode as much as possible. This can reduce EMF emissions by almost half.
  • Use your laptop on a desk or any other work surface, not your lap.
  • Try to use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-fi to eliminate radio frequencies. Wi-fi routers can give off electromagnetic radiation which can pose great risks to one’s health and lead to headaches and insomnia depending on exposure. And remember, it is not safe to sleep near a wireless router.
  • Keep extra exposure to the laptop to a minimum and use it only for work purposes.
  • If long hours at the laptop are completely unavoidable, make sure you take regular breaks and get up every 20-30 minutes. Also, try to avoid using your laptop late at night to prevent exposure to blue light emitted by the screen.
  • Turn your laptop and Wi-fi off when you are done with your work, especially when you are going to bed.
  • I have found that keeping houseplants, especially cactus can absorb harmful EMF emissions.
  • Keeping a Himalayan salt crystal lamp at home or at the office can counter electromagnetic radiation completely. The salt acts as an ionizer and purifies the air of harmful emissions.
  • Washing my face is another tip to remove radiation from
  • Washing your face is one easy way to remove the radiation from your face.
In conclusion, I have found that being careful and vigilant through active research is the best preventive measure for protection from a harmful laptop and Wi-fi radiation. Some of the tips above are more about common sense than anything else; turning off the Wi-fi at night will not only prevent harmful signals from spreading through the walls but also conserve energy. It is always best to be aware and mindful of such harmful effects to protect yourself and your family.

6. Lower wireless router’s transmit power

In our list of best wireless routers under 100 dollars, there are some device that can be used with custom firmware. Once you have custom firmware inside, you can change the transmit power of the router to an acceptable level.

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